You have found the personal homepage of Emanuel Nervo – Netherlands (*1976).
This page is in english because I have friends and family accross the world.

I am a social entrepeneur with a warm heart for our planet and her inhabitants.
I really like humor soI try to find and create some every day.


Current profession:

(Psycho-) social and energetic therapist

counseling, cognitive-, emotional and energetic therapy

  • occupational therapy | activiteitenbegeleiding (mbo,fulltime¬† diploma)
  • social pedagogical work (higher professional education ,fulltime diploma)
  • Reiki (master certificate)
  • Ataghar therapy (certificate)

entrepreneur since 2004

jack of all trades in a nutshell

Graphics , web and other things.

  • Gave lectures on a multimedia school for webdesign and graphic design (mbo)
  • Internship supervision “Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht”
  • Photography and imaging
  • Grafisch ontwerp en illustraties: vector en bitmap
  • I work with Illustrator, inDesign, Photoshop
  • I made websites with PHP, SQL, html, jQuery, CodeIgniter… etc. since 1996
  • Analytic capacities
  • HSP/FSP experience expert
  • Autodidact ans can translate complex data/informatin into understandable human language
  • musical and creative
  • I have interests in (medical) herbs, plants, potinos and elixers
  • I find humor very important in my daily life
  • Can juggle a bit
  • Do a lot of voluntary work
  • Giving diverse workshops

And offcourse there is more about me, my personal life and what I do. But not everything has to be placed on the internet.